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Bulk Chocolate – rough packed


Our delicious range of Fairtrade chocolate bases poured straight from our stone grinder!  This product takes you one step closer to the bean, it is our couveture (or base) chocolate, untempered.

Because this chocolate has not been tempered (made shelf stable, shiny & snappy) it has ‘bloom’ marks which are whitish spots which doesn’t affect the tastiness.  It also has a bubblier texture, which people love.  We roast, winnow and refine and then pour the fresh liquid chocolate onto trays which, when set, is broken into shards and rough-packed by weight.  This chocolate is perfect for baking, cooking or enjoying straight from the pack!

All of our bases are made in-house, from-the-bean in Clonakilty using healthier natural sweeteners (coconut sugar or Birch Xylitol) that we then temper to make our full range of chocolate bars.    The equivalent ingredient from ‘the big industry chocolate’ are those bulk chocolate buttons you find in sweet shops.

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Weight 425 g

50% with Goat's Milk & Coconut Sugar, 75% with Coconut Sugar, 100% Pure Cocoa, 45% Irish (Cows') Milk, 73% Chocolate Sweetened with Xylitol & Lucuma, Oat Milk Chocolate (65% with Coconut Sugar) Vegan


200g, 400g, 1 kg


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