Easter Bunnies as far as the eye can see!

Well I’ve been on lock-down for sometime now, trying to get ahead and guess just at what point how many Easter Eggs is too many.  I’ve been shaping truffle eggs, rolling hollow eggs and filling stuffed eggs…. not to mention the bunnies!  Bunnies on trains, bunnies with carrots, solid bunnies with little flowers, so many bunnies, so little time!

For most, Easter comes and goes over a weekend, for others, it is preceeded by the celebration of Lent – or suffered through, but for many, chocolate bunnies do not come into play until the few days, or hours, before Easter Sunday.  Not so for the wee chocolatiere – I have been dreaming of bunnies for weeks now, and they have started to crowd my studio and are threatening to topple on me, leaving me the only option of ‘nomming’ my way out.  (as in ‘nom nom nom’ ‘mmmmmm’)….  This is what I’m dealing with:


Ok all that to say I will be at the Friday market for the next two weeks in Clon with my goodies, and happy to answer any questions or, of course, sell you a chocolate bunny.  Off to wrap them. x A

Christmas Market in Full Swing

Wowzers! We’re already coming to the end of the crazy season that is the run up to Christmas!  I’ve been having a great time devoting my day and evenings to chocolate, listening to BBC radio 4 and working away moulding and crafting my wee chocolate creations.

This year I have starting a bit more experimenting, I have new Fruit & Nut Mediants as well as Almond Confetti that are available through my new (and never complete) shop!

I am aiming for three more markets this year before heading away to visit with family & friends over Christmas & January.  I will be at the Clon Friday market tomorrow & next Friday as well as the Christmas Market at the Clonakilty Garden Centre in Lisavard this Saturday the 15th… hope to see you there!

A few more bits to wrap and tag before I can call it a day, so off I go – Hope you all have a very relaxed and lovely holiday break with plenty of good food and great company! Ax

Christmas is coming – fast!

I’m not the only one who is feeling 2012 fly by.  It seems, as the Mayans predicted, 2012 has been a year of great transition and growth, everyone I chat with really seems to be at the foot, or halfway up, some new mountain of personal development.

For me, 2012 has been about getting grounded, nesting, and committing to the things I put my hand to.  So that means more chocolate coming your way!  I’ve committed to getting a bit more experimental, pushing my limits and developing some new products in time for Christmas – but oh! does it have to come so soon!

I’m still going through the rebrand shift – got my new market signs last week – and setting up my lovely petit chocolaterie, new flooring (as required by HSE) will soon be covering up my beautiful restored wooden floor (sigh) and a new sink & hob mean that i’ve moved out of the main house kitchen for good! (whoop whoop!)

So please bear with me as I continue to struggle alongside you all to hold the reins on this bucking bronco of a year.  I plan to get into the Clon market every Friday from here on in and be organized enough to showcase my new lovely treats before Christmas eve arrives!

Work to do! Ax


My latest dinner party experiment – Walnut & Coconut Clusters mmmmmmm

Indian Summer

Well summer has flown by and here we are back in autumn, and what a beauty!  We have been working hard to get our new home and new chocolaterie up and running and we’re now very nearly there!  I have also been working at (sigh) yet another rebrand.  After so many shops & customers thinking I worked for the hotel (Inchydoney Hotel) I decided last Christmas i’d need to switch from Inchydoney Chocolate to Clonakilty Chocolate, and since we’ve moved into town it all makes sense.  So here we are, new website, new name, new chocolaterie!

After a very successful ‘Favour Fayre’ here in town last weekend i’ve run my stocks of my old bars down and am ready to make the switch!  Thankfully I do all my printing in house so I’m able to run off small quantities of labels and that means I won’t need to throw any of the old labels in the fire, though I do need a new sign for the market. :(

I’m also gearing up for some lovely new products and an online shop, so check back in a week or two to see what i’ve been up to.  Lots of work left to do so back to it!  Ax

Halloween Feats

Autumn is always an interesting time in the chocolate ‘factory’, returning from a long summer away, restocking shops and re-evaluating what is next.

In the past three years I have been operating here in West Cork I have taken time out at this time of year to take new steps.  The first year was to switch to Fairtrade Organic couveture and last year was all about biodegrable and recyclable packaging.  Now that I am happy with what the business is standing for, this fall I have decided to organize my workspace better in my kitchen, moving furniture around and building custom shelves for stack-drying, as well as renaming my little chocolate venture.  Realizing that, in Ireland, businesses tend to go under a given name or location rather than some arbitrary invented name, I have decided to move to the name ‘Inchydoney Chocolate’, both because people are calling it that already and because I am not too fond of calling after myself. ;)  I have applied for the name and hope to get my new identity in order in time for the Christmas markets.  This, of course, will mean a website move as well, and though I used to be great at web work I have slowly fallen out of favor with it, so I suppose this is an opportunity to challenge myself again.

Also it’s a time to prepare for Christmas, looking into markets, ordering packaging and new moulds and getting ready to work hard as soon as Halloween is over!

All that to say sorry I haven’t written anything since last spring, but I’m back and ramping up for a productive season ahead!

Happy Halloween and see you again soon! A x


Valentine’s Treats and the beginnings of the new Chocolaterie!

Post Christmas break time flew by this year as we had both my parents and in-laws over for a visit, giving us a hand on our new home project!  This is exciting in itself but I must admit I am nearly most excited about the potential ‘petit chocolaterie’ that we have designated a room for!  Finally a room all my own!  Up until now I have worked in various kitchens, sharing space with day-to-day activities or shoved in a corner of a room needed to serve more than just my own purposes.  But now – all this will change!  I am most thrilled at the prospect of shelving that serves exactly my needs, rolls of ribbon, boxes & stock neatly arranged so that they are always at my fingertips.  As a part of all this excitement my extra special Christmas present was one of those antique looking all-in-one vinyl/cd/tape/radios that is self contained in a lovely wooden box, purchased specially for the future chocolaterie.  Right now it is just a bit of new wallpaper and a some roughly sanded floor boards but in my mind i’m already humming along to Edith Piaf & Silver Mt Zion while stirring a pot of liquid velvet…

While all this is going on, of course, I’m still working out of my old kitchen and there are hearts & truffles shaping up everywhere.  This year I’ve made little hearts in every one of the 11 flavours of bar that I make and have mixed them into lovely little packets that you can pick up at the farmers market this Friday.  Hope to see you there!