Your Hen Photos!

Hi Ladies,

Thanks again for having us at your hen weekend, hope the rest of the weekend was a ball.
Here are the photos Liina and I took on the day, please feel free pass this link around, it’s a ‘private’ link so no one will find it via our website.   You can right/apple click on any photo to save the images at the very bottom of the page. I’ll leave this link up for a good 6 months at least 🙂

If you want to find out anymore about our process from bean-to-bar have a look around the ‘Our Journey’ section on the website or feel free to drop me a line.  As an extra ‘Thank you for having us’ we’d like to offer you 10% off any orders from the webshop – just use the code ’10off’ at checkout.  (The tea that some of you were asking about can be found here.)

All the best Aisling for a beautiful wedding day!!

Allison & Liina

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