Chocolate Bars—and a bit of History

Cacao is wonderful, it tastes wonderful and fills us with wonder.
Our mission is to take wonderful cacao and use it to make wonderful chocolate.
Wonderful for our bodies & our communities.

We combine Fairtrade Ghanaian cocoa beans with natural, healthier sweeteners to make ground-breakingly delicious chocolate that is easy on the conscience and pays homage to the mystical, humble cocoa bean.

We roast, nib, winnow, refine & temper here in our garden HQ, continually experimenting with tastes & textures.  We work in small batches, wrap by hand and are on a first name basis with all our stockists.

Our main mission when we set up Clonakilty Chocolate was to help people connect with chocolate on a new level and delve deeply into honest, ethical business.  And this is still what inspires us today.

Humble Beginnings

In 1994 in a small rural town in Ontario Canada, the foundations of Clonakilty Chocolate were laid.  At age 12, after taking part in chocolate making course nearby, I was hooked on the craft, making, giving and selling chocolates in my hometown.  Little did I know that just over 10 years later after stints living in Taiwan & Australia the winds of fate would blow me to Clonakilty and, finding a local shop in need of chocolate, I sent for my moulds and set to work.

One of the first decisions for the business was to commit to crafting with only 100% Fairtrade cocoa and coconut sugar bought directly from farming co-operatives in developing countries.   Fairtrade farmers receive a fair price and a supplementary premium for their crops, allowing them to grow a sustainable business, invest in equipment and community projects.   We have the pleasure of enjoying our favorite treat at a new level: ethically delicious and easy on the conscience!

Since traveling to West Africa in 2013 we’ve had a new fire in our bellies. We were inspired by the hard work of Fairtrade farmers that grow our beans and so, naturally decided to convert the back half of our own home into a chocolate factory!

Earth Friendly

Nearly a decade ago we made the somewhat painstaking switch to buying only 100% bio-degradable, low-carbon and sustainably manufactured packaging.  Would you believe how difficult it is to find lovely minimalist packaging that’s not harmful to the planet?  It took a long few months of researching and investigating but we came up trumps and are proud to only use packaging that can be composted or recycled.

2017_mckennasguides_plaque_0 We do our best to keep our carbon footprint down too.  Did you know Clonakilty Chocolate makes most of its deliveries by bicycle?  Being a local chocolatier means I can deliver most orders to shops & individuals personally on my bike, and that is a joy.  We have also decided not to have a car so other deliveries go by carpool or courier.  And – If you come for a visit you might quickly discover the ‘scrap pack,’ where bits of chocolate go when they can’t be sold… and I can tell you there’s not one ounce of scrap that meets the bin!  We’re continuing to think up new ways of keeping work & life ethics as tangible as possible and always love to hear ideas so feel free to drop us a line!



We like to keep it simple. Chocolate is good. It tastes good. We make chocolate that is good for us – our bodies & our communities.

I have been working with chocolate since I was 12, so starting up Clonakilty Chocolate is yet another incarnation of the passion I have for working with chocolate as a craft medium.

Allison Roberts, Chocolatier

Our Chocolate

We are so delighted with our new range of handcrafted bars and have been experimenting with other delicious treats to compliment with them, if you have tried our previous range you’re sure to love these ones! (visit the shop)


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